Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well I'm Not Changing The Name

I am not in the Army anymore... Thanks to my crazy self. I sometimes wonder what the heck was I thinking. I think of rejoining almost everyday. I do not want to go into MI again. I secretly want to be an army diver... but its a field not big on women...and I am not sure if I want to willingly subject myself to that. Just a thought.

To catch up: After my discharge I went to my hometown and just vegetated... I did nothing and I'm not going to lie...It was wonderful. Near the end of April I decided I better start doing something with my life... So I thought about getting a job... That's about all I did through the middle of may. At the end of may I decided to move in with my gma in southern Utah... maybe get a job, a place of my own, even think about going to school. So I went. My gma didn't agree with my dog... so three weeks later I left... and moved in with my then boyfriend pat in SLC. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD idea. We always argued... didn't get along, our life's dreams are totally different and I found out he is rarely honest with me about where he is and whom he is with. Well I let this bother me to the point I couldn't take it anymore... and at that time an army friend invited me to Florida to start a new.

I would have a place to stay until the end of September. Plenty of time to get a job and place to live. So I drove cross country... stopped in Austin TX to see my aunt and long lost cousin. Loved it there. Even got a few job offers. But I decided to stick with my original plan and carry on to Florida... Well since I have been here my car has broken down, my phone turned off, and I have applied for over then job with no calls back. And my friends plans have changed and they are leaving this weekend. I kinda screwed myself in coming here. You see my family and I...we are practically estranged... There was a big family fight... I wont go into the gruesome details. The end result being we no longer talk... and my mother doesn't consider me one of her children. So here I am in Florida.. broke...with a bum car... and soon to lose my home... I am going back to Texas... I luckily have just enough gas money to get there. It will be a twenty hour drive. Ill post again to let y'all know (I'm pretty sure y'all is maybe two people) how the next stage in my adventure away from home goes.

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