Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hello everyone. My blogs are going to be pretty boring for a while. Until i can get my own computer to put pictures up. Its just more for y'all to check in on me I guess.

I joined the army in may. Left for basic training on June 24. I am in the national guard for 8 yrs

Right now I am in south Carolina. I was in basic training until I injured myself. I had two weeks left. Anyways I am in a healing unit until i pass the fitness test. (Soon I hope) Then I finish my training and I'm off to advanced individual training in Arizona. I am going to be an interrogator. I hope its not going to be too hardcore. I also get to go to the defense language college in Monterrey California to learns Spanish.

When I am done I get to go back to Utah. I will probably go to Iraq.....I don't want to but It is something I have thought a lot about and I signed my name on that line. I miss everyone and hope you are all doing well.


Aunt Ann said...


I was so glad to see you posted on Laura's blog and to find your blog. I've been thinking about you. Granny has kept us updated. I was sorry to hear that you were hurt. I hope you get better soon. We'd love to hear more of what is going on with you.

Brian and Kathi said...

Hey girl! Hang in there! I know that it is real hard to watch your fellow comrades advance and you still be there (happened to me in Nursing School) but in the end you won't even remember their names! I love that you are going through language. We had a bunch of friends in GA who went through that same school and they were all different armed services. They all said they LOVED Monterey!

and yes I remember when Sean was a baby when we came to visit ya'll and you were frustrated cause he wiggled too much when you tried to dress him and he wasn't still like your dolls!!

Cziep Family said...

Hunter thinks it is so cool that you are in the Army, he can't wait to sign up! He has some great roll modles to look up too (Kathi, and Brian), keep up the great work! Mom (Kelli) said that you were doing well, but got hurt, sure hope you are doing better. It sounds like you are doing well and have some great things are coming your way!

Welcome to blogging, I am not very good at it, but have really enjoyed keeping up with the family, since we are all spread across the US it is a great way to find out how everyone is doing!

Keep intouch and stay safe!